Learn Capacities: Ultimate Object Note-Taking

Learn the powers of Capacities for notes & beyond

Go from beginner to advanced in Capacities.

This note-taking app has object-based notes, an AI assistant, and a growing set of features for building effective notes, daily notes & whatever you want to develop yourself using this new notes app.

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What is Capacities?

Learn Capacities for Note-taking

Think of Capacities as a new approach to note-taking apps.

It uses "objects" to create notes, so your notes are based on something real, like a person, idea, book or whatever suits you.

Capacities want you to connect your ideas, notes, and thoughts in one place like a traditional PKM tool but be more flexible in offering your perfect workspace.

Course Curriculum

Capacities in Daily Notes Mode

What we cover:

  • Build notes from objects
  • Take daily notes & journal
  • Create block references & tasks
  • Search all of your notes using queries
  • Organize with tags, objects, and collections
  • Using AI to have conversations with your notes
  • Create custom page layouts, export, and share notes

The course has over 20 lessons & growing.

Course Instructor

Capacities Made Simple is brought to by Francesco D'Alessio.

Francesco is the co-founder of Tool Finder which helps people find productivity tools and software for work & life.

The course is tailored for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels.

What do I get?

What's included?

  • Hosted on Teachable
  • Comes with one-time lifetime access
  • With over 25 lessons & summaries
  • 3-6 monthly updates to course

Capacities Made Simple is priced at $39.99.

Learn Capacities with us in 2024!


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