Unlock Capacities for Note Taking in 2023

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Taking you from beginner to advanced in Capacities.

This new and evolving note taking application presents a new object based approach to notes & organization. Unlock it with our course.

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🤔 What is Capacities?

Think of Capacities as a new approach to note-taking apps.

It uses "objects" to create notes, so your notes are based from something real. Like a person, idea, book and whatever suits you.

Capacities wants you to connect your ideas, notes, thoughts in one place like a traditional PKM tool but be more flexible in offering your perfect workspace.

👀 Inside Capacities

Summarising Capacities is hard, there's a lot to it.

Here's a list of features to explore:

  • Daily notes
  • Block-based editing
  • Powerful text-search
  • Object creation for notes
  • Tagging & Page layouts
  • PDF exporting, block linking & backups
  • & more on their radar as a team...

👥 Your Instructor

Capacities Made Simple is brought to you by expert & user of Capacities, Beth.

Beth is well-known in the PKM space and her expertise in note-taking apps are growing every single day.

The course is tailored for beginner, intermediate & advanced level.

It also includes updates every few month with new Capacities features.

🔖 What Do I Get Inside?

Capacities Made Simple is hosted on Teachable and the curriculum can be viewed as you go to the checkout pages.

With over 30 lessons and growing, this course is ideal for all stages, and will help you unlock the powers of Capacities.

Capacities Made Simple is priced at $39.99.

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