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What's included?

  • The Bento Methodology: Effective Task Management
  • The Annual Renew: For Yearly Reviews
  • The Mindful Meeting: For Perfect Weekly Reflections
  • Akiflow Made Simple: For Smart Task Management
  • Mem Made Simple: For AI Note-Taking
  • Routine Made Simple: The Planning Tool
  • Timestripe Made Simple: Long Term Planning
Launching April 20th

Cancel anytime, courses added

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions answered

What's included in Tool School?

Tool School includes, from launch, the following tool courses: Akiflow, Routine, Timestripe, Mem.

The following concept courses: Bento Methodology, Annual Renew, Mindful Meeting.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Tool School is a yearly subscription.

You can cancel anytime, and access will remain for the term (12-months) paid. We have 14-day guarantee.

What courses are coming to Tool School?

  • Capacities (early May)
  • Obsidian (late May)
  • Superhuman (late May)

Please feel free to email us francesco (@) keepproductive (dot) com for your tool request.

How are lessons delivered?

The course comes with access via Teachable for ease-of-use.

Each lesson is delivered in tutorials to help you understand things clearly.

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